Established in 2014 Farah Restaurant is a family-owned business located in the inner city suburb of Spring Hill. Over this time Farrah has become one the most popular authentic Persian restaurants in Brisbane. Owners Ali and Fereshteh are honoured to share the classical culture of Iran with you, presenting its delicious traditional food with renowned Persian hospitality.


FARAH means happiness and our main goal is to bring you joy and happiness while you are here. Ali, the chef and the co-owner of FARAH, puts all his passion into creating an authentic menu for you to enjoy. One of the most popular meals in Iran is kebab, marinated chicken or lamb prepared with special Persian spices. Other popular dishes are slow-cooked lamb shank and traditional lamb and vegetarian stews. No Persian meal would be complete without traditional dips, marinated olives and Persian yoghurt drink. For dessert try a decadent saffron ice cream or fragrant Persian tea and baqlava.


As we say in Iran “Kosh bashid!” (I wish you happiness!)

Important information:

Farah Restaurant will be closed for Take away and Dine in  during 3 days of Brisbane Lockdown, from 29th of March to 1st of April.
Stay Safe
Main Menu
Hot & Spicy (Extra) (+$2)
Any of the kebab dishes can be cooked hot & spicy.
Rice can be replaced with full garden salad, or half rice + half salad (GF)
Available rice options: 1. Plain rice OR 2. Green dill rice
Please Note
– All breads served contain gluten.  – Please let the staff know if you have any food allergies.
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